I have heard that the law that states at age 12 a child can choose if they want to go visit the non-custodial parent does not exist any mor … read more More. In other words, get the child on the porch and if they refuse to go, so be it. I reside in Texas and we have an expanded visitation set up. However, parents must not engage in alienation of the children against the other parent. Kids and Visitation Refusal . There are people that mistakenly assume that when a child is 12 years old, the child can choose which parent to stay with after a divorce. Whether you’ve divorced or you’re legally separated, if you’re a parent you need a custody order.Parents can work out their own arrangements regarding custody and visitation with a judge’s approval. Can a 12 year old in Texas refuse to visit non custodial parent on their designated weekends and holidays? Ask a lawyer - it's free! Texas Non-Custodial Parents Rights. 3 attorney answers. The truth is that in Texas, a child cannot decide which parent shall have custody. A child cannot unilaterally opt out of a parent's court-ordered possession, regardless of age. However, there can be legal ramifications in cooperating with a child's visitation refusal. Sponsored Listings. Is there any circumstances that she can get out of this and refuse to go? Children are emancipated automatically at the age of majority, but procedures exist in each state to allow children to receive a court order that will emancipate a child before he reaches majority. Cynthia Russell Henley. But, since she is over 12, your daughter is old enough that she can express her preferences to a judge and, if the judge thinks its in the child's best interest to do so, he or she can modify the order. Since emancipation makes the child a legal adult, an emancipated minor can refuse contact with his divorced parents. What usually happens is that a child that is age 12 and above is given a chance to have a say in where they will live. Let's face it: No one can (or should) force children to visit with their parent if they don't want to. Visitation Basics. Texas law is interpreted to require that the parent in possession of the child encourage the visitation and “tender” the child. It is ultimately harmful to the children. If parents aren’t able to agree, a judge will make a visitation and custody order based on the child’s best interests..   Anytime children refuse to participate in a planned visit with their other parent, you should: For more information, contact the best Austin Divorce attorney…The word custody is often used to refer to the control and responsibility for a minor child, and applies in situations where the parents are not living together. My 12 year old daughter is very distraught and miserable when visiting her father on his weekends and holidays. This is an urban myth that must be debunked.

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