???? I have my eye on the Tattoo tarot next. Whether you’re reading for yourself, for friends, or for clients, this deck provides all the insights and wisdom of a traditional tarot with the addition of a stunning visual presentation. Do I have to keep it if I no longer use it for my cards? It’s so lovely and I don’t see it among the 43 decks you covered here. Cats Tarot is a traditional tarot deck with a purr-fect sense of humor. The Robin Wood Tarot Deck is one of the most popular decks in the world. While I understand what others say about finding the gold stamping to be a bit bright, I personally think it gives a beautiful touch to the otherwise subtle artwork. The Soulful Woman is a personal favorite because of its message of empowerment. One of the main things that stop tarot enthusiasts from diving into Tarot reading is the old wives’ tale that says you shouldn’t buy your first tarot deck, but that it must be given to you. Hey, thanks for your comments! Look at the sizing on the card packaging, do a quick Google search online, and practice shuffling the cards (if you have the opportunity.). For this reason, there is more information available surrounding this deck than any other. Many readers love Oracle Decks instead of Tarot decks. And of course- The Marchetti Tarot or any Deck from him! Hi Kj, Thank you for your comment. Any recommendations. The four of pentacles card is from the Lumina tarot deck. This deluxe box melds the tradition of the tarot with the deep archetypes of Game of Thrones with 78 masterly crafted cards and a 114-page hardcover 2-color booklet, presented in a gorgeously illustrated gift box. Each card depicts modern and vibrant images along with well-known catchphrases and archetypes. The majority of the reviews are done by me personally, but in case I didn’t have the deck, I’ve asked the help of my readers to review them with me. It takes a great deal of thought and consideration. This set is a perfect gift as this 79 silver-gilded cards with original oil paintings and die-cut rounded corners come with the guidebook in a holographic shimmer box with magnetic-closure and lifting ribbon. And for that reason, there are a couple things that differ from a traditional tarot deck. I think the True Black Tarot deserves a spot on this list. Recommendations? While most decks have 78, this option is modeled after traditional playing cards. One important note; the cards are very thin and some of our readers mentioned the edged started to peel and corners are chipping away from the back after only a few uses. Can’t wait for your new deck? I just have two words for this tarot deck: ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. The book is attached to the cutout, exemplifying how much the duo belongs together. So drop that notion right now and shop your heart out. The 254-page book and artwork in it are amazing; the book itself is in full color and printed on heavy glossy paper, and each card is reproduced full size next to the text. The depictions are beautifully illustrated and double-ended, each displaying an upright and reversed image in the center of the card. Using this deck to begin a study of Africa and African-American contributions may help lessen racism, and that might be this deck’s greatest gift. You have a larger picture of the deck all spread out below in the bottom lower left corner. This is the Wild Unknown Tarot deck ✨ She simply couldn’t decide on a new deck. Although the style in itself might be considered a bit macabre, there’s a lot of symbolism from east to west. However, be warned, this is an adult-only Tarot deck. I’ve decided to start reading again after a 20 year break. If you are simply wanting to read for yourself, you easily can find a deck that’s perfect for your personal desires. Crow Tarot invites us to fly through the veil and connect with our intuitive powers while paying homage to the energy of the crows and ravens. Affirmators! To incorporate every type of relationship out there, the Star Spinner tarot deck has added three different Lovers cards. The culture of two continents blends together in this one-of-a-kind tarot deck creating a fresh perspective on what it means to be African-American. Now that we have gone over some of the top tarot decks for sale of 2020, you should have an idea of what is out there. However, it must be noted that the conventional titles of the Major Arcana have largely been discarded in favor of more thematic names such as The White Hart replacing The Fool, The Enchanter becoming The Magician, Black Shuck taking over as Death and The Fairy Wind replacing The Chariot, among a few. Would we say that Picasso is less of a painter than another great because they didn’t use the same paint? Are you looking for a unique, creative, and colorful tarot deck that definitely stands out of the crowd? Best, Wille. Tarot decks are known for both their ability to predict the future and beauty. The imagery on these cards is beautiful and very evocative. While it does have suits, it actually has five suits instead of four, and it does not have a Major Arcana section. The artwork style is reminiscent of the fifties and depicts attitude, style, and fashion. My aim is to create content that inspires you, supports you, challenges you, and brings happiness into your life. You will find tarot decks that are for people of any age, any taste, any designs, and from any walk of life. The back of the Fountain Tarot cards is as well thought-out as the card images themselves. With Cups represented as water bowls, The Hanged Man as a cat stuck in a tree, and The Emperor imagined as a poor kitty in the "cone of shame," you can't beat the creativity that's behind this deck. This deck is so non-conformist, it actually has 81 cards instead of the traditional 78. Game of Thrones fans will indulge in this treasure trove of much-loved characters, scenes, and stories from the show that are symbolized through the cards and explained via the Game of Thrones Tarot Card Deck handbook. What gives it weight is the round shape, similar to Kim Krans's Archetypes Oracle Deck that came out in October 2019) as well as the keywords provided on every card. Good luck with choosing the right deck:). If you are reading for your grandmother, a traditional deck might be best. Each card in the wood-engraved tarot deck is designed to look just like that – wood engraved. I don’t like the traditional decks because the artwork doesn’t speak to me. RWS based. Did you mess up the Robin Wood Tarot? What helped me was focussing on the question while shuffling and not thinking of anything else (repeat the question in your mind over and over again). The extremely talented artists Patrick Valenza combined his visions and childhood dreams in his Tarot deck but also released this fully illustrated book that takes you behind the scenes to peek at the creative process and artistic inspirations that gave rise to this popular tarot deck, definitely an addition to this stunning tarot deck. If you do so, you’ll be able to use them for self-improvement and guidance for many, many years. My first tarot deck is the crystal power tarot. ), and on our death bed, we end up with a vast subset of karmic knowledge (The World). And for that reason, there are a couple things that differ from a traditional tarot deck. This deck branches from the norm with its dream-like presentation and circular shape. Smith’s vibrant drawings transformed the standard tarot deck and it still remains one of the best tarot decks in any collection. The Love Your Inner Goddess is a deck I use a lot, as well. I think part of the objective behind the humor is to not take everything too seriously. Just as it guides us to different cards, it can also push a reader toward a certain deck. The perfect gift for any Game of Thrones lover to keep that dragon fire burning. Hello. Celebrating the complex American Rootwork tradition, The Hoodoo Tarot integrates esoteric and botanical knowledge from Hoodoo with the divination system of the Tarot. Can you easily decipher the cards’ meanings? These are the best tarot card decks anywhere right now. Standard Tarot card sizing is 2.75″ x 4.75″ (70mm x 121mm) which means the RW deck is a lot bigger than some other decks. Overall, it is up to you to decide if this deck and it’s creator fits your beliefs and associations. Whether you’re a tarot enthusiast, manga fan, or both, Mystical Manga Tarot and speak to your inner child and delight your soul. New Age Source The Carved Wood Box Flower of Life (Standard Version) (Standard... DharmaObjects Pentagram Star Carved Jewelry Trinket Keepsake Wooden Storage Box... SICOHOME Treasure Box, 5.46" Tarot Cards Box for Trinkets,Taro Cards,Gifts and... GiftExpress Velvet Tarot Rune Bag Bundle of 6: Moss Green, Royal Blue, Purple,... MIRIYAN Spiritual Mandala Tarot & Dice Bag I Velvet & Satin Drawstring Pouch... my article on how to clear and cleanse your tarot deck, RECEIVE YOUR PERSONAL TAROT READING ON LOVE HERE, https://shop.innerhue.com/collections/featured-collection/products/lumina-tarot?variant=34803063849120, Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Health, Money & More, 7 Easy Ways to Clear and Cleanse Tarot Cards for a Reading, Love Tarot: The 12 Best Cards for Good Fortune in Love, The Complete Tarot Cards List with their Meanings, Death Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Money, Health & More, Temperance Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Money, Health & More.

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