===== THE TIME DEVOURER: ===== At the end of Chrono Cross, Balthasar gives Serge a Time Egg. Your hp will be at the same level as it was when you defeated the Time Devourer. It even has 5,000 less HP than its predecessor. It literally has no unique techs or magic whatsoever. L2 will Fast-Forward the game, literally! Chrono Cross: The ultimate, long-lost Element of the seventh color attribute. As soon as you finish the intro you will awaken like in the last time but you will receive the Time … Chrono Cross tells a winding story that weaves obscure elements from its predecessor with a near-incomprehensible plot that involves body switching, a genetically-enhanced AI, a clone/daughter hybrid, and more. It allows you to change the speed of the game. In Chrono Cross, it is called the Time Egg, and it has the power to grant one mobility between Opassa Beach and the Darkness At The End Of Time to fight the Time Devourer. You now have the Time Shifter. Chrono Cross, a Role-Playing Game developed by Square for the PlayStation, is the follow-up to Chrono Trigger.More specifically, it is a remake, or re-imagining, or sequel (sort of — it's confusing) to Radical Dreamers, a Visual Novel based on the Chrono 'verse, handled by Masato Kato, the only returning creative lead from Chrono Trigger.. So, time to battle the final boss of Chrono Cross. It is...honestly much easier than the previous dragon based Time Devourer. Chrono Trigger already played fast-and-loose with time travel, but the writers of Chrono Cross seemed determined to raise the bar. They put even less effort into making this boss unique than the fused dragon god. Chrono Cross was always neat to me because a lot of it was caused by the timestream being tied into a knot thanks to the events of Chrono Trigger. The ending stuff with the dragons and the time devourer definitely needed a bit more exposition though. R2 will slow it. Boss Battle - Time Devourer HP 10000 / Innate White / Attack 120 / Magic Attack 23 / Defense 95 / MagicDefense 47 / Drop (Common) n/a / Drop (Rare) n/a / … As for FF8, definitely one of my favorite final fantasy games. I loved FF8 and Chrono Cross. He can use this Egg at Opassa Beach to project himself beyond time and defeat the Time Devourer, freeing Schala and repairing the dimensional split.

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