Regardless, this technique can be useful to produce a flatter overall response, particularly if the 2nd axial mode is problematic in your room. As always, we are happy to help you strategize about how to get the most out of your speakers with good placement strategies and patented GIK Acoustics treatments. This point cannot be emphasized enough. If the room has a good bass trapping strategy, then the room modes being excited in this way may not be as problematic and can sound much more controlled. If you have a large room, you may decide to get dual subwoofers. At the other end of the spectrum, using even more than 4 subwoofers may theoretically be better still, but practically speaking there’s not much more improvement beyond four subwoofers. Get the Audioholics AV Gear Guide Ebook FREE! I get a nice flat bass frequency response in my listening position and no boominess, but I think I might be sitting in a null point as I’m almost exactly one quarter of the rooms length from the rear wall (the rear is actually a bay window so that rear boundary is not exactly fully square). Placing a sub in a corner will tend to excite many of the strongest room modes. Placing a sub in a corner will tend to excite many of the strongest room modes. Contact us for free acoustical advice. These panels can be [...], ATLANTA, GA (June 30, 2020) – Leading acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics has teamed up [...], Great article James. In my article on subwoofer placement, I describe in detail how to do this. For instance, suppose a particular room has a strong peak resonance at around 70Hz. But a well-implemented multiple subwoofer strategy combined with a bass trapping can produce outstanding results, giving you a solid foundation for accurate low end in a superior listening room. Loud works for me! As you can see, there are several configurations possible to get different effects on the room modes, depending on the needs of the room. Dual Subwoofer Placement for Your Home If you’ve ever setup a subwoofer in your home theater system, chances are you’ve noticed that the bass sounds ripe ‘n rumble-y in some parts of the room, but not so good in others. But I also have 44 traps in my living room home theater, and all those traps reduce the peaks and ringing you get with corner placement. Any advice / thoughts on this ? A typical setup for a system with two (stereo) satellites and a single subwoofer might look something like this, with the satellites placed as described in part one and a single subwoofer in teal, placed in the corner. good luck! In this image, the subwoofer is placed exactly at the null point for the 2nd axial mode related to width, and as a result, this mode is not excited. Consider the cords. Howard. You could then cross the subwoofer over at 60Hz and the satellites at 80Hz, which can remove some energy from the peak and produce a flatter overall response (the exact frequency settings depend on the crossover slopes and the bandwidth of the peak in question). A wireless subwoofer allows for a wide range of different placements: on the entertainment center, on the floor, on a shelf, behind the main seating area, etc. Your Shopping Cart will be saved with Product pictures and information, and Cart Totals. One is corner placement, where the two subs are placed in the front two corners. Again, if you are running four subwoofers I’d experiment with all these placements to see which works best for you. A typical setup for a system with two (stereo) satellites and a single subwoofer might look something like this, with the satellites placed as described in part one and a single subwoofer in teal, placed in the corner. Placing the sub at this location means that the 2nd axial modes are not excited. Having dual subwoofers in your home theater system is the way to go if you want the smoothest and even bass effect across your entire room. If the sub is on the ground in the trihedral corner created by the floor, front wall, and side wall, then it will excite all 3 axial modes for the 3 dimensions of the room. I run 2 subwoofers each in the 1/2 placement position you describe above (a metre from those walls as there is a radiator on each one ). i’m a sound guy in a community center where lots of different things happen and the system needs to be unobtrusive. Dual Subwoofer Placement for Two Subs By Mark Sanfilipo — June 02, 2005 In this section I've provided a collection of sub woofer dispositions you may find helpful in figuring sub placement. He also writes and makes mead, at least until the revolution comes. Speaker Placement 201, Part Two: Using Subwoofers, GIK Acoustics Proudly Supports B-Side Project, Live Room Recording Studio Acoustics Room Plan. Another placement strategy is to have the low frequency driver in a null point, such as ¼ of the way across any room dimension or multiple dimensions. The graphs included with each plan view of the hypothetical listening space are first-order approximations of the sub's perceived amplitude response at the listening position as well as room-mode response at a given frequency (30 Hz, in each case, as indicated by the down arrow in all "b" graphics). In this section I've provided a collection of sub woofer dispositions you may find helpful in figuring sub placement. If your room is a simple rectangular room then I often recommend being 3/8 out from a wall, rather than 1/4…. The previous article is good for people running full-range speakers. but i was wondering about a sub or two mounted in the attic and pointing down through an opening in the ceiling. Do you have more than one subwoofer? Chances are, all else being equal, the ¼ placement strategy will yield the flattest results, theoretically canceling all odd-order axial modes and the first even order axial mode. For the truly dedicated, using four subwoofers can provide the best response, and furthers the capability of our subwoofer strategy to cancel out room modes. In that … This performance comes at a price, however, since it intrudes more on the aesthetic and flow of the room with four subwoofers toward the middle of the room. Rated 5 / 5 out of 558 customer reviews. When two subwoofers are located at strategic positions in the room, it will smoothen out bass nodes and modes for more even low frequency distribution. But most often, corner placement for a single subwoofer does not produce anything close to a flat bass response since the modes are being excited due to the placement of the subwoofer. 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Try to avoid putting the subwoofer under a table or other piece of furniture. this would be super convenient for setup and i would have a lot of freedom to place them just so to avoid room modes. If your subwoofer requires a direct wire hookup to the receiver, you’ll want to make sure you’ll be able to hide the wires wherever you place the subwoofer. Basic Subwoofer Placement. The same holds true for the other dimensions; one could theoretically place the subwoofer at the ¼ point for all three dimensions, though if we were to do that in this room, it would be floating between the listener and the left speaker! Being out of phase in this way will cancel out the modal resonances, which can be hugely beneficial when creating a flat response within the subwoofers’ operating range.

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