Florida and alligators are a combination almost as well-known as ham and eggs. The Alligator Farm closed its doors in 1945. And by the late 1910’s, St. Augustine Alligator Farm became an established Florida attraction. History of the Alligator Farm! Alligator meat has been described as a healthy meat source for humans due to its high protein and low fat composition. As a result, in 1954, the farm moved further from residential neighborhoods to Buena Park, California. A.H. Baker's Alligator Farm St. Petersburg Museum of History Archives A popular tourist attraction, The Alligator Farm was operated by Andy & Anna Baker. The St. Augustine Alligator Farm is the first and oldest alligator farm in the United States. St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park - Alligator Attractions and Exhibits, Zoo, Zip Lining, Bird Rookery and Nature and Wildlife Exhibits The History of The St Augustine Alligator Farm & Zoological Park. The History of the Alligator Farm. The alligators’ nocturnal screeches were a nuisance but the noise was nothing compared to finding an alligator in your backyard after a rainstorm flooded the nearby reservoir and spilled into the farm, giving the gators a chance to escape. The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park first opened way back in 1893, making it one of Florida’s oldest continuously running attractions. When the startled Spaniards first beheld the giant reptiles, they gave them their name-"El Lagarto," the lizard. HISTORY. “The Alligator Farm strives to instill appreciation and understanding of crocodilians and all other wildlife in the hearts and minds of all guests, and there is no better way to do that than to offer a thrilling way to view these magnificent creatures (St.Augustine Alligator Farm)”. It has been used both historically and in contemporary times in various cuisines of the Southern United States.Alligator eggs are also for consumption. Gators, snakes, raccoons, owls, ostriches as well as other animals could be viewed here. After WWII, the Alligator Farm began to flourish as a tourist attraction and zoo, while slowly acquiring their collection of animals! The Alligator Farm was opened in the 1893 as a reptile exhibit in South Beach, and was later moved to its current location in the 1920s. Photo … Located on Anastasia Island, Florida, the farm was created by George Reddington and Felix Fire in 1893. The Alligator Farm and the Burning Spring. Alligator meat is the meat from alligators that is for consumption.

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