Paternity tests are not LabCorp's core business, they are a testing provider from things ranging from common blood work, to pregnancy related testing, and hundreds of other things … Order aunt/uncle DNA test for avuncular DNA relationship testing. The testing … Compares DNA from the alleged father and child to determine paternity.. Tests the alleged father and child (mother optional) Results are for peace of mind only (cannot be used for legal purposes) Able to disprove paternity with 100% accuracy, able to prove paternity with more than 99.9% accuracy We have done deep forensic research into LabCorp specifically on their paternity tests. The alleged father's brother or sister may be tested with the child to determine if there is a biological relationship. The legal testing accepeted by family courts for paternity are done on-site at any of the 900 Labcorp labs. A paternity test is useless if it’s not accurate, so it’s crucial that you choose a test with a proven track record. The paternity testing done by Labcorp has a court-quality, legal test, and the company provides a non-legal at-home kit. Labcorp Paternity Test Review. The most accurate tests evaluate more than 20 genetic markers. Aunt/Uncle (avuncular) DNA testing may be used if the alleged father is unavailable for testing. The conclusion is shocking; any mother who fills out a form naming John Doe as the father will be substantiated by a 'test… By looking at multiple … New competitors in the field are providing legitimate science based tests.

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