Can Goku Lift Thor's Hammer? Damian's redemption tale is perhaps the best Robin redemption tale there ever is. Damian Wayne is Batman and Talia al Ghul's, son. But wait for it, Tim isn't dead at all, in the same issue it was revealed that Tim is kept alive somewhere far, by a mysterious figure. He previously foughtWinter Soldier in the 133rd episode of Death Battle, Winter Soldier VS Red Hood. Jason Todd might have come back anyway, but he can never escape A Death in the Family, a story that will forever shape not just him but Batman as a character. DC actually decided to take a sample survey over this one. Jason Todd was the second hero to go by the moniker of Robin.3 At some point, Jason took the mantle of "Robin" and joined the Team. In A Death In The Family, Joker beat Robin to a pulp with a crowbar. The orphan Jason Todd was caught by Batman stealing tires off the Batmobile while Batman was doing his yearly respect paying to his parents at Crime Alley. Although Dick wanted to tell the rest of the Bat-family, upon Batman's insistence for the plan to work foolproof, he stopped. Todd will strip off his coat, making him faster, have higher agility, and be more durable. However, he was eventually brought back to life with the Lazarus Pit, which warped his mind. In this story arc, Grayson was thought to be killed by supervillains, eventually turning up, well and healthy. Connect to her at Jason Todd was formerly the second Robin and the current Red Hood. In the Rebirth Comics, Robin did what he is best at, sacrificing his life to save the Bat-family base from The Colony, a rogue military operation. God speed Tim, for fans can't wait for him to reunite with the team. 10 EMOTIONAL: JASON TODD IN A DEATH IN THE FAMILY. Bane, enraged that Todd would break into his office, battles him, only to get defeated. He places a taser on the grapple wire before remotely starting his bike, dragging his choking, electrocuting opponent around the arena before finally stopping it, as the sharp stop makes his opponent slam into the back of the bike and breaks the wire. In a fight that ensues between Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson, the latter falls over and snaps his neck, and that's pretty much it. If there is one superhero sidekick to vouch for, it undoubtedly is Robin, Batman's sidekick, and protege. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 As Arkham Knight 1.2 Battles Royale 1.3 As Robin 1.4 Battle Record 1.5 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Background 3.2 Arsenal 3.3 Abilities 3.4 Feats … Although Alfred, Damian Wayne, and Batgirl resented Grayson for faking his own death, due to their inability to cope with his loss. The death of Jason is a big moment in the overall DCeased story, especially considering he was one of the main characters in the DCeased: Unkillables spinoff series. Mask agrees as Red Hood and his new army marches into the abandoned fair in order to kill the Joker. In later revelations, it was made abundantly clear that Robin had survived the army of attackers and was teleported in the nick of time by Mr. Oz. The original character was created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton and first appeared in Batman #357. Tim successfully saved his family bastion and was believed by everyone to be dead, especially Batman. The initial version of Jason Todd had an origin that was a similar origin to the first Robin, Dick Grayson. Red Hood (formerly the secondRobin: real name Jason Todd) is a character from DC Comics. Jason Todd back again? During War Games, Stephanie tried to seek redemption by activating Batman's secret protocols and thereby wrecking a gang war in the city. The mysterious figure is none other than Mr. Mxyzptlk. He was the second person to take up the mantle of Robin, and served as Batman's sidekick until he was killed by the Joker. Injustice Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In a phone-in survey, fans chose to let Jason Todd die, although the idea was foul to many. From Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown to Damian Wayne; all have been the epitome of loyalty, so much so that the two combined are commonly referred to as Dynamic Duo. This article, Jason Todd (Free For All), is property of Fireworks888. First appearing in Batman #357 (March 1983), Todd was created to succeed Dick Grayson, the original Robin, as Batman's vigilante partner. He now uses the mantle of the Red Hood to wage a lethal war on crime. Undoubtedly this death set fandoms on an emotional trajectory, Tim Drake's death was unexpected and harrowing to read. This lead to a confrontation between Batman and Robin with Jason pointing a gun to his head, demanding to know why Batman abandoned him. In A Death In The Family, Joker beat Robin to a pulp with a crowbar. Red Hood (real name Jason Peter Todd) is a vigilante from Batman's corner of the DC Universe. Chapter 3: Julia Chang and Insurgency Asuka Kazama, Sigma (Injustice 2: The Universe in Danger), Coco Adel (Injustice 2: The Universe in Danger), Young Underground vs Brotherhood of Heroic Mutants: Mutants Among Us, Lobo (Injustice: Gods Among Us The Extended Cut), Firestorm (Injustice: Return of the Gods), Martian Manhunter (Injustice: Return of the Gods), Green Lantern (Injustice: Return of the Gods),, Barrages of micro-explosives, dual desert eagles, AK-47, and grapple reels, Todd fires a pair of Desert Eagle rounds into his opponent's skull, Todd throws a grapple reel around his opponent's ankle before pulling out his taser, electrocuting the grapple wire, electrocuting the opponent, and pulling them down to the ground, Todd sprays a clip of AK ammo into his opponent's stomach, Red Hood launches his stun gun/taser wire at his opponent before electrocuting them with it, Jason remotely activates his motorbike to ram into his opponent. During the course of his mission, Tim successfully rerouted drones onto himself, originally meant to destroy Gotham. He tell Mask that he will pay him millions in order to use his henchment for a while. Now that I’ve pitted Jason against everyone in Injustice 2 and listened to their dialogue, I’ve found very interesting plot points. Thus Jason Todd became the original dead Robin. The details of Jason's death is revealed in the comic book one-shot Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade, by the first series' author Frank Miller with Brian Azzarello, and art by John Romita, Jr. Romita reveals that the Joker, like in the "A Death in the Family" story arc, plays an important role in Jason Todd's demise in Miller's Dark Knight Universe. There have been plenty of emotional times Robin died, as well as times they faked us out, and here we look at 10 standout examples of each. After Jason died, under unknown circumstances, Tim Drake became his successor.3 Season 2 08. She was taken in by Batman as the fourth Robin after Tim Drake quit his position. Stephanie was tortured to death in captivity by Black Mask. But his life would be forever changed when he came in contact with Batman. Todd escapes, though, leaving no trace... Red Hood makes a plastic explosive beard before wrapping it around his opponent's face, flipping over them, and detonating the explosives. In the Injustice  Universe, Dick Grayson's death is a turning point for Batman, after Damian Wayne kills him. This article is about the second Robin. Batman, wanting to change young Todd for the better, revealed that he is Bruce Wayne and that he will allow him to become the new Robin. It is as eccentric as it gets, The Joker then manually zoomed the camera onto Todd's face and sent the clip for Batman to watch. As fate would have it, Damian learned the true meaning of being a hero, eventually turning into Robin. Needless to say, her career didn't last long, owing solely to her misdemeanor. NEXT: 10 Underrated Batman Villains (Who've Never Appeared in Film), Bisma Fida thinks pop culture shapes human lives. Jason then took over the original suit of the one who killed him, The Red Hood, and is now the current Red Hood, being a non caring vigilante who is trying to become a mob boss, believing the only way to stop crime is to control it. But before you know it, General Zod kills off Tim Drake with a laser blast right through his heart.

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