This post is the second in a series that will take a deeper dive into the draft Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Since this program isn’t mandatory, many landlords choose not to accept Section 8 tenants. Create a reliable 311 experience for tenant questions. Current levels of funding for these services aren’t enough, and are sometimes covered by grants or crowdfunding. You hit it out of the park on #mpls2040! Two options include either a cap on rental application fees or setting up an application fee/background check clearinghouse where tenants would pay a one-time fee to be listed while searching for an apartment, and landlords would pay a fee to access the listing for a month. Provide more transparency about problem landlords by creating a portal to look up citation and inspection records by management companies and property owners. This provides landlords with a list of valid reasons to end a rental agreement, and prevents leases from being ended “at will”. Q: Do you have a spare space heater? 52.6% of Minneapolis rents. Neighbors for More Neighbors organized in support of Minneapolis 2040 because we believe in building enough homes for everyone in our City. Neighbors for More Neighbors (N4MN) is hosting a kick-off party downtown at Gluek’s, we’re inviting friends and housing…, Our progressive values should include “Housing for All”. These organizations have provided home renovation loans, but rarely provided services to tenants. According to a recent City Council special session on housing stability: Outside of the Comp Plan, Ward 4 CM Phillipe Cunningham is directing the city to revise eviction ordinances, with an intent to stop “shadow evictions”. A 2016 survey by HOME Line found that 57% of rental listings surveyed at the time were within the rent limits established by the voucher payment standard. At Neighbors for More Neighbors, we take housing policy seriously, as you can see from our humorous collection of pro-housing posters. Standing in the way of upzoning means standing in the way of access to jobs, transit, parks and schools. To expand participation in Section 8, the city can: As part of these actions, the city should: In addition to the above proposals, the city should: a list of resources and tenant information, with an intent to stop “shadow evictions”, housing discrimination against same-sex couples and trans people,, We’re All Pluralists Now: Challenges and Victories of the Pluralist Movement, Student Debt and Demographics: A Story of Disparate Impact, The World Has Not Learned the Lessons of the Financial Crisis. You’ve looked, but their twitter feed is unintelligible. The results of the election will have…, Defend the 2040 Plan: Stop the Ivy-Zenith-32nd Conservation District, There is a proposal put forward by real estate agent Meg Forney, who is a Park Board commissioner, for a conservation district in her…. And, other pro-tenant organizations are still needed. Q: Do you have a spare space heater? Across the city, yards were dotted with dueling lawn signs such as "don't bulldoze our neighborhoods" or "neighbors for more neighbors." “FRIDAY: the Minneapolis Renters Coalition is hosting a sign making/painting event. (see: Fund additional housing inspections staff. Their boards have traditionally underrepresented renters and overrepresented homeowners. This idea was originally suggested by Minneapolis Renters Coalition members. Address the high costs of rental application fees, which can add up when applying for multiple apartments. Policy 41 “tenant protections” outlines intended outcomes, including, “protect tenants’ rights, and improve living conditions in rental housing.” However, it lacks detail (some of these goals are related to the section on Housing Displacement, the subject of a future blog post). The developer announced that their economic metrics worked out so that they would be able to make 3 of the new…, Support the Sons of Norway project (Deny the appeal! Minneapolis’ hottest festival is Appealapalooza, coming up at the Zoning and Planning Committee on February 15th, featuring two appealing…, Feb. 15: Appeal denied! The city invites…, Minneapolis Comp Plan Review: Access to Housing, This post is the first of a series that will take a deeper dive into the draft Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. In this post, we offer suggestions to strengthen the city’s goals for protecting tenants, roughly following the action steps in the policy. By Jonathan Foster, This post is the second in a series that will take a deeper dive into the draft Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. City and state labor policies should protect those appearing in housing court and include this in Safe & Sick Time. Talk to your friends and family members (who live in Minneapolis) about why supporting housing for everyone is important, why the comp plan matters, and how to comment on it. They are saying…. The city invites feedback…. What is the #Minneapolis2040 Comprehensive Plan? Talk to your friends about zoning! “There’s no one person that made it happen,” says Janne Flisrand, a contributor at Streets.MN and member of the group Neighbors for More Neighbors, which emerged in support of the upzoning aspects of the 2040 plan. Walz to close bars, restaurants and fitness centers for 4 weeks ... Why we Northside neighbors are suing Minneapolis. Create a Minneapolis rental subsidy alternative at the municipal level. prev. You may have heard some chatter about the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan (“Comp Plan”). Fund or produce publicly accessible, free, plain language and multilingual tenant resources. You should have the right to an attorney if you’re facing the prospect of losing your home. While the city is in the midst of revising how neighborhood organizations are funded (“Neighborhoods 2020”), the city should also directly fund organizations that do tenant advocacy.

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