So without wasting any time start prepping and put on your dancing shoes to burn up the dance floor. Wedding song lists so brides and grooms can plan their wedding playlist for the ceremony and reception. Choose the songs you want to hear during the dancing portion of your wedding reception. 1. A cute ditty of a love song by the perpetually-smiley George Ezra. Best Wedding Reception Dinner Music 2020; Country Wedding Dinner Playlist 2020; Most Romantic Cocktail Hour Wedding Music; Wedding Reception Background Music; Latest Songs for Wedding Dinner; Oldies But Goodies Wedding Dinner Songs. 4:10 0:30. Julia Lindholm Photos. It’s quite an apt song for a couple who might have had a few on-off moments in their relationship but have always remained in love. Here at APW, she is a rule in and of herself. And if there are children, play Old Town Road (at least four times—for kids, that IS the best wedding song of 2020). It includes “oldies but goodies” songs, latest hits, the most popular songs for the wedding (for the reception, first/last dance, mother-son and father-daughter dance, etc. But sometimes you want something that hasn’t been used hundreds of times before. And since you need a great soundtrack for your perfect fairy tale ending, we have curated the Ultimate Wedding Music Playlist of 2020 for each key moment in your special day. This upbeat ditty of a first dance song is a cool, alternative choice. It’s about lovers who can’t be in the same place together, and is ideal for a couple who’ve made a long-distance relationship last. Lyrics aside, it’s just a fab disco dance tune. It’s a funny, cheeky song to play. We defy you to find a better song to finish on when you’re all a bit wobbly, emotional and ready to shout out the chorus. “Your loving makes me lose my place/I can not get enough of your face…I’ll be thinking about you all my days” has us smiling, and will make your guests smile too. A wonderful track for the end of the night when all your friendship groups will get together in a circle and reminisce (especially after a few too many proseccos). Don't Stop Believin' Journey • Escape. Beyoncé first, last, and with Lizzo. If we’re talking catchy tunes, nothing is better than Dance Monkey. Rag’n’Bone Man’s song Giant would make a cool alternative first dance song, but we love it for during the DJ part of your reception too. You can even check out the ultimate collection of best wedding songs that you can find anywhere. A packed dance floor is the sign of a truly amazing wedding reception. This playlist also works for a lot of generations- younger kids, teenagers, college age, adults, and older people. As well as being a banger, the lyrics to this Jax Jones and Ella Henderson collab have lots of meaning: “I found somewhere/I found someone/And I found somewhere, somewhere that I belong”. We’re still early into 2020 but there’s already been plenty of bangers dropped that deserve a place on your wedding playlist. “I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings,” Tay-Tay sings. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) 4:49 0:30. We’d pick it as one of your final songs of the reception. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) 4:49 0:30. We hope that these wedding songs 2020 will make your wedding ceremonies a lot more memorable and you will not regret including them in your wedding playlist. We love the lyrics, “Oh, honey/I’d walk through fire for you/Just let me adore you.”. You can’t escape a Bieber song at a wedding and this hypnotic track is a surefire winner for later in the evening. It celebrates overcoming the little and big things in life with your partner, when all you need is “just you and I”. 2. We’re still early into 2020 but there’s already been plenty of bangers dropped that deserve a place on your wedding playlist. It brought us the amazing song Sucker (make sure that’s on your playlist too) and now this bouncy track you’ll want your DJ to blast out more than once. “The house don’t fall when the bones are good”, sings Maren Morris. If you loved Ben Folds’ The Luckiest, you’ll adore this song. Wedding Ceremony & Reception Songs 2020. Get everyone singing along at the wedding reception with her high-energy ode to self-confidence. “No one ever said/It would be okay/But we’ll find a way/When there’s love/And we got love,” could become your new mantra. There’s no better Taylor Swift song for a wedding reception.

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